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We thought it would be useful to post the top 4 purchases of fishing tackle, that fishing fools have bought, that has had the biggest impact on getting fish landed on the bank safely so far in 2012...  We've had to think long and hard about this, as there are so many things we've bought recently...but we've managed to thin this down, please read on to see the list Smile


Number 4 - Braided Hook link Braid We've been very reluctant to start using braid on the mainline, but have found that the use of braid on the hook length has made a noticeable increase to Fishing Fools catch rate.  Short lengths of Braided Hook link are very subtle, and don't suffer the same kinks and memory effect that mono has.
Number 3 - Tungsten Putty putty The use of putty on the hook length has also had major effect to catch rate.  by applying small amounts to the braid, it ensures the line is pinned to the lake bed, and when use with pop-ups allows for precise tweaking to get a balanced presentation.  There is also the bonus, of not having to worry if it's fallen of through the cast, like clip on leads.
Number 2 - Flying Back Leads flying_backlead The use of flying back leads has been a major turn in Fishing Fools catch rate - It's virtually eliminated line bites, and has allowed for the main line to be pinned close to the bottom of the lake to prevent the fish from becoming spooked.
Number 1 - Bait Runner Reels baitrunner Bait runner reels have been the one purchase, that despite the cost, have been worth every penny.  Once the fish has been hooked, the use of the bait runner reels has led to much easier hooking of the fish, and has prevented tangles from trying to use free spools.  The use of bait runners has made Carp Fishing on buzzers so much easier, and are a definite purchase.  Although you can manage with free spool reels, it can be a right cats cradle of line if you strike incorrectly, and can result in fish being lost...


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